How to used tools in Photoshop?

8 Oct

How to used tools in Photoshop?

Mainly organization used Photoshop to create different photos or to edit the photo. Photoshop is a powerful tool which is an important part of any digital or nondigital company.

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If you want to use quick and expert mode tools, first of all, select Toolbox. Then used various options in the tool options bar.

  • Click a tool
  • Click a tool in the toolbox > click on keyword shortcut for the tool. [EX- press B to brush tool]
  • Click on option from tool option bar
  • Tool options bar appears at the bottom in the Photoshop Elements.

How can edit tool preferences

If you want to edit general preference

  • First step

For the window, click on edit > preferences > General

For Mac, click Photoshop elements > preferences > general

  • Second step

Choose show tooltips > choose Use shift key for tool switch to set of hidden tools by holding down the shift keys > choose select move tools after committing text.

  • Third step

Click ok.

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