Tips to keep your Gmail Account Secure

17 May

Tips to keep your Gmail Account Secure

Gmail is most famous email service provider today. But nowadays, it is frequently targeted by hackers. So there are some Gmail account Security tips which will help you to keep your Gmail account secure and safe.

  1. Logging Out: Make sure that after work is over, if not using your computer, sign out from your Gmail account. If you forgot to sign out you can open a new session by signing in from another computer and use the remote sign out to close any possibly open sessions.
  2. Strong Password & enable 2 step authentication: You must change your password atleast once a year. Be sure to make your password with the combination of characters, numbers, case sensitive or special characters. Along with this, you should also enable 2 step authentication.
  3. Beware of Phishing: Always make sure of the website address before browsing, if unsure about page’s origin, refrain from signing in there.
  4. Use of HTTPS:When you access your account, computer sends and receive data from the Google server. By enabling this service, your data is encrypted before transmission.
  5. Review Attachments: It is advised to not to open Unexpected attachments as it may carry malware that might harm your computer.
  6. Use Authentication Icons: Recently Gmail added a new feature, Authentication icon. If any mail coming from any address having verified icon, that means that is not a phishing email.
  7. Update Recovery Info: Always update your account information. Your security answer should be unique that no one can crack it easily, you should include secondary email address and your mobile number where you will receive the account reset link if the need arises.

Whenever you need assistance and having problem in security regarding your Gmail account, don’t get panic and call our Gmail Customer Support Helpline Number +353-01254-8824 for Ireland.  It is available 24/7 hours to give support to keep your Gmail secure.

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