What are the reasons Adobe flash player is not working in Mozilla Firefox?

29 Oct

What are the reasons Adobe flash player is not working in Mozilla Firefox?

Adobe flash player is internet explorer which is freeware for creating content on the flash platform. Software which adobe flashes are includes:-

  • Rich internet application
  • Multimedia content
  • Streaming video and audio

Adobe flash player also supports mobile device, it is created by Macromedia but it is developed by Adobe System Inc. In its new version, a player has enabled the highest security and privacy controls with HTTP Dynamic streaming protection. If having issues in Flash player contact to the best consultant to Adobe support. Call at Adobe Support Number Ireland +353-01254-8824

The reason why adobe flash player is not working on Mozilla Firefox:-

  • Restart your system: – Sometimes restart your computer simply solves the problem.
  • Clear cookies and cache:-
  • Click library button > click history > select clear history
  • In time range to clear > select everything > click to details > select both cookies and cache> click clear now.
  • Restart Firefox in safe mode:- Safe mode is troubleshooting mode that disables all extension, turn off hardware acceleration, default toolbar setting, and control use the default theme.
  • Reinstall Firefox: – Some issues occur by few Firefox program files.
  • Click menu> click exit> delete Firefox program folder
  • Refresh Firefox: – Refresh Firefox features can fix many issues, it save essential information of your data.
  • Click refresh firebox button > finish

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